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Poker has got to be the most popular card game in the planet. It is shown being played by the lead actors of movies, one of the most popular online businesses and the most sought after game in the casinos. How does poker exactly work and why do people get hooked on this game?

First and foremost, poker is a form of gambling involving cards. It is a card game where the players gamble or bet on the highest value that is possible to obtain from the cards they have. They place their bets on the central pot. The winner is the player who has in his possession the poker card combination aka the hand with the highest value based on the agreed hand rankings; or it could be the remaining player when all other players have folded or did not call a bet.

Because of the same logic of forming a card combination, poker is classified in the same category as slot machines. Poker, too, has many variations and patterns to be formed. Players can either play poker by hiding their combinations from the others known as "concealed cards" or in an open table such as "community cards. The players can also opt to choose a hand with the presence of both the concealed and community cards.

Some of the more popular poker variants are the following: draw poker, stud poker and community card poker. In draw poker, the players get a five-card draw concealed from the other players. The player is at liberty to change one of more of his cards a couple of times. In contrast to draw poker, players in stud poker only get one card at each time. Some of the cards are seen by other poker players and they are not permitted to remove or change the cards they have received. Community card poker is where all players put together their individual cards with the community cards shown to all players in the table. The challenge here is to come up with the best five-card poker hand from your individual face-down cards and the face-up community cards. These variations are often seen in casinos but are also available in online poker or any other online gambling site.

Poker is different from the others because it is a more challenging form of gambling. It does not solely rely on luck alone but also on the player's skills and reliable sense of judgment or intuition.

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