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Poker is a very interesting game. It requires full attention to the game and it also requires great deal of skills and proper strategy if you aim to win this game.

Skills of poker are not difficult to learn. The game will only take five minutes of your time to study and skills are another thirty minutes or so. However, mastering the skills is a different story all together. Mastering a skill in poker will take a lot of practice and a lot of experience.

You cannot aim to be the best poker player overnight. It will take some time to be a successful poker player. Nevertheless, there are still important factors to consider making a good and effective skill work for us.

The first one is Discipline.

This is a rule of the thumb, if you want to succeed in poker; discipline is one characteristic that you must possess. Every good and successful poker player wins because of discipline, more than any other skill.

Discipline to keep you waiting for the proper timing before you hit the right move. Discipline will also dictate if you need not to play at a table where you know your odds are slim to none.

Discipline will also assist you in keeping your emotions under proper control. Discipline will also tell you not to play when you are drunk, emotionally disturbed or stressed out.

It will also keep your mind focused and know when to call it a day and go home.

Discipline, believe it or not, will save you a lot of money.

The second is Observation.

Observation is a continuous process of the mind. It is needed in every game you play and in every game that you do not play but watch. It is guaranteed that upon merely observing your opponents you will learn a lot from them and especially about their game.

Playing should not seclude you from others and have all your focus on your hands alone. You should play with everybody at your table. Watch your opponent's movements, and how they play their hands. Watch and listen to everybody around you and you will get vital information that you can use against them.

The third is about Changing Gears.

You should not be predictable. Change the style of your game from time to time. Change the way you play dependant on the kinds of opponents you have. This is where your flexibility comes in. You should know a lot of poker playing styles to survive many different opponents.

You can use bluffing sometimes or you can be an aggressive player sometimes. But this all depends on the kind of opponents you have at your table. You can also use your table position in doing so.

Changing gears should be well prepared for and it should be right under the best situation at the right moment.

Last but not the least is Money Management.

Money management is simply playing only with the amount of money you can afford. Set limits for yourself. Do not let yourself go broke.

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