Reading Poker Opponent's Minds

We always anticipate our favorite poker show on the television and are amazed on how they can read the mind of their opponents. It always left us to wonder if they are all gifted with psychic abilities.

For the viewers, this skill seems to be extraordinary but in reality, that is what separates great players from the ordinary ones. Learning how to read our opponent is one of the important skills that we should develop so that we can succeed in every poker game and tournaments that we will be joining.

Having the capability to read the cards of our opponents is part of the world of psychology and as well as arts and science. This skill may take time to develop because just imagine if everyone knew how to do this; it would really be a lot harder game to venture into.

For a Hold'em player, one of the basic skills that every poker players should learn is reading the board. This is important so that the player will be able to determine all the possible combinations of hands a player can create from the said board cards. It's very important for players to identify how their hands will stack up against other player's hands that they might hold. A player won't be able to figure out the cards that their opponent is holding without knowing the hands which can be created from the board.

We should always analyze the action that our opponent will make at every round of betting. It is necessary to utilize the logic so that we can better understand the play they are creating based on what we are seeing.

A best way to read the opponent's mind is to create a checklist that a player can utilize in sizing the players up during the entire game. There are questions that we can ask ourselves while watching the moves of the players.

It is quite easy to know if a player is tight or loose through the number of hands they are playing. We should always take note of how many times will the player enter the pot.

Another question that we should ask ourselves as follows: What cards were shown at the end? Did the player call or raises before flop or is the player bluffing?

Reading an opponent's mind may not be that easy at first but once we practice learning and developing it, we will be amaze on how easy to understand a player's move and in turn be called a poker psychic.

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