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What is it that made poker so successful? Although poker has not changed at all in the recent decade, its fan base grew beyond any precedent. It is almost unbelievable to see how poker outgrew its origins of casino halls and poker rooms. Poker has reached an incomparable status among gambling games. Today poker is regarded as a competitive sport, televised to millions of homes around the world with dozens of cameras capturing the tension and excitement around the poker table.

The thing that helped most poker to make this tremendous leap is definitely the success of free online blackjack casinos and online gambling in general. Once if you wished to play poker you had to find a poker room near your home or travel to a casino city. Many people who were interested in poker never had the chance to play poker for real. Most poker and gambling lovers had to resort to regular home games. Thus poker was played in house rules without the unbelievable excitement of a serious, professional poker game. Another problem is that you always had to play with the same poker friends, whose poker style you know by heart. This can turn a poker game into something much less interesting and fun. If a woman plays poker it was extremely hard to find a good place to play it, as there are less female gamblers and much less female poker players.

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