A Word About Public Poker Games

There are unlimited cash to win and there are several hundred players to meet in a public poker game. Even with the house cut favoring the casino establishment, there's a steady stream of income that can be won in that league of the game. The house cut offers stiffer competition that screens off weak players and leaves only the best and the brightest to compete. Just take off your mind to the fact that Public Poker games follow rigid rules and betting limitations that all reduce the player's edge odds and flexibility, no matter how good you are. So in short, it is always more profitable to play private poker games than joining in public ones. Club Poker

A visit to a public poker in Gardena, California for instance would instantly reveal how different it is from your weekly poker night game. These card clubs are tough, fast and different. Here you will find the best poker players in the world. All the things that you learn in your private poker - no matter how a consistent winner you are - you will always lose money the first time you try public poker. You will lose either of one or two things: the house collection and the superior competition the club has brought in. You will also be confused and erroneous about the house rules. And your lack of knowledge of technicalities would often cost you money. Perhaps you will be shaken from harassment, intimidation and pressure from your opponents. But that's just how the regulars want to play you. Through your confusion, they extract money from you. In a high stakes game, it is different. Players there want you to stick longer so they don't harass you, but they want you there to get more money out of you. My advice then is stay in a higher stake game. You will learn more there, but the price of each lesson - although valuable - would cost you.

Casino Poker

Contrary to Club Poker games, Casino pokers are much easier to learn because there is a nonplaying casino dealer whose job is to guide new players and control the game. They explain the unfamiliar rules and customs of the casino establishment to avoid confusion. This significantly reduces the technical errors that you would commit in club pokers, which leaves more room for you to start thinking of strategies. A good player creates an early lead by tipping the dealer so that they could provide you with pressure-relieving tension and other helpful information. However, in a higher stakes game, dealers are reluctant to help you out, especially when you're a newcomer. So my advice with casino poker is to first start at a lower stakes game.

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